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New artwork being posted, eeyup~ although w/ school and laziness in the'll try to post as much as I can.^^;
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Have a Derpy to keep y'all distracted!>:3

Random Favourites

I don't own them but I do liek the art alot cuz it's so...AWESOME.....:iconrainbowdashchuuplz:

P.S I'm pretty much appreciated to those who come by my page to express his/her gratitude of his/her work added to my collection. On the other hand, I'm a guilty to not comment on some but it was only b/c I feel a little shy when commenting on MLP drawings as well as I don't want to sound so gushy in my commenting...^^;


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United States

*~*Fun facts about me*~*
- I grew up in the 90's, the best decade for cartoons and sitcoms.:heart:
- Laziness is how I roll
- I share the same bday w/ my LBBFF (Little brother best friend forever)
- I want to pursue a career in animation except i don't know squat about animating something...:iconorzplz:
- I own pets which are dogs, a shih-tzu, poodle and shih-poo
- I'm an egghead when it comes to computers
- My favorite color is green and blue
- I dislike internet fetishes (bondage, vore, mpreg, plot shots, big breasts, heavily muscled, foot) but to each to their own if they're into it...:shrug:
- I USED to support PKMN shippings since apparently it went nowhere for me and I see no point of pairing Ash w/ any girl for he don't love those hoes.:rofl:
- I love lurking on forums, esp. Serebii mostly anime/games.:3
- I love reading Rage comics
- Pony ask blogs are the best thing.<3

Favorite Ponies/MLP character

Favorite PONY.MOV character

Favorite Mentally Advanced Character

Favorite icons

:heart::heart:My good sis of DA:heart::heart:


Our friendship in a nutshell=>Sisterly BFF .:Stamp:. by RoyalBlackheart

:iconsatoharupika::iconmrjrussell87::iconrevolutionhellcowboy: :iconmeganekkoplymouth241: :iconmatthespeedstar::iconaustria-gentleman::icondavyjonesentei123::iconi-like-pie-so-much-2::iconpluel::iconanimamomentlover::icontwilightassasin27::iconstrawberryponyartist::iconxwerewolfprincessx::iconamandaam::iconjackjr12::iconmrscurlystyles::iconshikimaakemi::iconchameleonman55:

:iconrainbowdashlolplz:ROLEPLAYING BUDDIES:iconrainbowdashlolplz:

:iconi-like-pie-so-much-2: (Lyra/Adopted Son and Dash/Pinkie/Dash's Friend)
:iconmsdaringdo: (MOV/Canon Pony)
:icondavyjonesentei123: (Molestia/Shining Armor/Dash)
:iconxwerewolfprincessx: (Adventure Time ft. Mentally Advanced Pinkie)
:iconstrawberryponyartist: (Pinkie-RD-Scoots/RD-AJ-Rarity)
:iconimpcjcaesar: (AppleDashy RP'n w/ Applejack being Dash's pet)
:iconmrscurlystyles: (TwiDash RP'n w/ Princess Molestia)

Ships I support~:iconmonkeyloveplz:

Reason/History: I began supporting this ship somewhere in 2012, possibly around March or May if I recall.XP At first I wasn't really into gay shippings, even if I did like AppleDash and PinkieDash, I wasn't that into them and just support for fun.xP Then there was the time I was a huge SoarinDash shipper so it made me felt lukewarm to any gay ship featuring Dash until eventually I started to like seeing fanart of Twilight and Dash b/c rarely I've seen them in a pic together, even if it's not shipping.:blush: Then I started reading shipfics about these two, my first read being "Dawn of a New Day" which is a good and cute story yet I got really hooked into the pairing when I read the comic version.<3 I became a huge fan of the TwiDash ship since then and I'm glad I choose the opportunity to like the ship since I've met good artists and watch them for their work and lurk on their tumblr page and even made friends w/ a few who likes the ship.;D As for chemistry between Twilight and Dash, I'd like the opposites aspect, one's a nerd and the other's a jock but really tho, I did like on how they'd established common ground on their likings esp. the Daring Do series and Twilight gaining wings was a huge plus.X3 It got even better on their interactions during Season 4 (Daring Don't and Testing, Testing, 1..2..3).:3 I'd hate to brag yet this ship is a favorite among one of the writers alongside AppleDash and RariJack (I think mostly on friendshipping.XP) as well as being popular on Derpibooru also Sethisto likes the learn something new everyday :nod: and i know popular ships =/= best ship so really I don't mind if ppl don't support this ship.xP

Reason/History: One of the few ships I liked when I started out, just I wasn't much of a hardcore shipper (like I am, currently) back then. I guess I like AppleDash based on their interactions of being bickering friends/competitive rivals.XP It's a given that I sometimes treat them as a friendshipping pair yet I like the romance side since these two click from their common interests.:D

Reason: I actually like them for friendshipping and was one of the few Dash ships that I supported when I was new to the show. Both are among my favorite ponies since they both enjoy pulling pranks and are fun too.:nod: At times I like shipping them romantically since they look cute.:aww:

Reason: Going down memory lane, I started supporting this ship when I explored the fandom online and I know, I used to be spammed with pictures claiming Rainbow Dash is gay, now I hadn't been into shipping yet but part of me felt offended b/c she's a tomboy and I'm a tomboy too until I saw some pics with her and Soarin and I was starting to warm up to the ship b/c that would prove ppl that she's not gay just b/c she's a tomboy while her with Soarin' look cute together~:aww: I did wanted for them to be canon until I sorta lost my grip since I don't think romance isn't much of an RD thing and other than that, Soarin' seldom appears so I was fine with that since there's always fanart.:la: Now I don't like jumping to conclusions yet in the recent episode (SPOILER ALERT!), Rainbow and Soarin interacted yet that doesn't automatically assume, OMG they're so in love, well the rescue part was cute yet let it grow....I don't think RD and Soarin would end up together in a snap, no offense to anyone....^^; I know I'm being nitpicky and I'm aware relationships like that don't have to realistic but that's just if in case, Soarin shows again (which he might and hopefully he can have speaking roles) then I'll see on his interaction w/ RD yet for now, I think they're acquaintances or at least friends for now I've been playing too much Sims so sue me for at least labeling those type of friendships!.:nod:

^sorry for the long, long, long edit, the recent episode got me liking the ship again.^^;

Reason: I do prefer AppleDash yet I'm beginning to like this pairing since it compliments well w/ TwiDash.xP

Reason: One of the few hetero ships I like, I know this shipping's EVERYWHERE b/c of the concept of Fluttershy and Big Mac being quiet and shy yet that's sorta what makes it cute.;^; It's one of the few Fluttershy ships that I like.^^;

Reason: I'm a typical brony who loves the pairing for its lulzness, Lyra always being the crazy mare while Bon Bon would usually involve herself in the shenanigans.

Reason: idk..this shipping is just too plain cute to resist~:iconwantplz: However this may have competition when Cheese Sandwich comes to play since i'm planning to pair him with Pinkie once the episode airs.:aww: Either way I'll still support both pairings if I have to!:3

Reason: I enjoy love/hate relationships and I do like the theory of Discord as Star Swirl the Bearded at one point, I actually like it and I won't mind if it's not true.:nod:

Reason: I recently watched Button's Adventures from JanAnimations and I d'aaaw'd the sight of those two, I almost forgot that Button Mash was the colt that Sweetie liked from the blog.xD

11) :iconmlpcheesesandwichplz: x :iconpinkieismindfckedplz:
I'm a bit behind yet I knew this ship that I'm most likely to support.:D I enjoy the similarities that these two share esp. the Cheesy Sense/Pinkie sense and their passion for partying.:D I found it really adorable on how much Pinkie led an impact on Cheese Sandwich, yeah so I ship these two like Fed Ex~:iconfedexplz:

12) :iconfluttershyyayplz: x :iconmlproidrageplz:
Asides from their ways of cheers (Yay and YEAAAAAH!), I like these two as opposites and theri interactions are adorable, I don't mind liking this too.:D

13) Rainbow Blaze x Firefly
I normally don't do ships on parents but at most times, I like the fan speculation.X3 Beforehand I used to always think RD was possibly taken in by the caretaker in My Little Dashie and then saw fanart on her parents, esp. the one that this artist drew, pretty much that artist's version looked awesome but I don't mind the canon parent for the awesomest pony.:D I hadn't fully bought into this G1/G4 relations yet we had Twilight Velvet, resembling G1 Twilight so many fan speculation were everywhere yet Surprise is speculated to be a Wonderbolt or confirmed while Firefly and Posey were speculated to be mothers of Rainbow Dash and Futtershy, respectively. Well anyhoo, I remember seeing Rainbow Dad x Firefly artworks, they were cute in those pics until I read a comment that Lauren Faust originally wanted Firefly to be Rainbow's mom so that was pretty cool to know about yet it's all fan speculation.XP

Ships I'm okay with:icondragonnodplz:

Reason: Even though Twixie is very popular (but overrated), I've seem to warm up to it despite I don't support it.:nod: I like it as one-sided esp. Trixie being obsessed w/ Twilight.:giggle:

Reason: I was going to ship these two but I held back, yeah Derpy is my favorite pony but I really know nothing about Doctor Whooves nor the Doctor Who series so I'm going to have a hard time understanding any references.^^;

Reason: I don't hate it nor like it, I'm neutral.:B Reason why is b/c Spike's love for Rarity is only demonstrating of her beauty and I don't mind the whole one-sided hopeless romantic seeking the one to be w/ subplot and personally I don't seem them as canon...^^;

Reason: Reading the fanfic "Flying High, Falling Hard" had Spitfire crushing on Dash despite of her being aware about Dash is already in a relationship, I don't know, it felt cute to me and I like Dash's idolization for Spitfire even if it brings her to be a rabid fangirl w/ a fangirl crush.:XD:

Reason: I only see them as friends but I don't mind ppl pairing them up romantically, I say it seems fun for the opposites attract aspect to be played out between the two.

Reason: Mentally Advanced Series made me do it, yes!

Reason: It's already canon so I really don't feel the need to support them but I wouldn't mind liking them alot more of how they met esp. in the IDW comics which I'm hearing about.^^;

Reason: I know that one scene of Thunderlane catching Rarity had shippers instantly shipping them yet I'm going to be neutral and I loved how it set off a series of pages of Spike cock-blocking any stallion going after Rarity.xD

Reason: It's cute, it saves the trouble for Spike winning Rarity's heart.:lol:

Reason: I'm alright w/ it, had Soarin not been around, Big Mac would do for Dash.:aww:

11) :iconsoarinplz: x :iconbraeburnapple:
Reason: Coltcuddling shipping is rare yet these two I seem to like a little.:nod: I think unlike Rainbow Dash and Applejack's bickering, these two get along yet other times, the opposite knowing the fanart.:la:

12) :iconrainbowsmirkplz: x :icondaringdoplz:
Reason: I like it as one-sided due to Dash's adorableness towards Daring yet i don't mind if Daring returns the feeling but that's up to anyone but i'm always down for obsessive stalker Dash!:la:

13) :icontwilightshappyplz: x :iconapplejackproudplz:
Reason: Twi and AJ have great interactions and I like on how AJ's the second-in-command- and the first to support Twilight. In a way i'm okay with ppl supporting TwiJack romantically (even though i prefer TwiDash as my nerd x tomboy pairing) yet I like them for friendshipping and I say it's one of the best Twi and Mane 6 interaction.:la:

14):icontwilightorlyplz: x :iconpinkiesmileplz:
Reason: I actually like them as friends but in a way, friendshipping and I find it as best Mane 6 friendshipping!:la: Their interactions are really fun and I loved how twilight gets all flustered and on the borderline frustrated with Pinkie's annoyance.:la:

15) :iconsunsetshimmerplz: x :iconmlpflashsentryplz:
Reason: Even though it was canon off-screen, I can still tolerate it than FlashLight.XP I kinda wish that they were still together but whatever...:shrug:

16):iconbigmaceeyupplz: x :iconcheerileeplz:
I'm really am neutral on this one bit I like how the writers drop hints between them post-Hearts and Hooves.XD

17) Regular Show Shippings
Reason: I'm okay with them since I'm more of a casual fan and at times, I root for any of the character wanting to be with the other aka Mordecai and Margaret.:)

18) Adventure Time Shippings
Reason: Like RS, I'm not really into the shippings, I'd usually go w/ the flow w/ whatever pairs that came up and I liked how the ppl threw a curveball for Finn's love interests.:3

19) OCxCanon Pairings - I REALLY don't mind in case if I'm w/ a friend.:nod: But one side, I tend to avoid these since OC's can be troublesome to fill in their history and all the junk and sometimes they have a bad rep of representing its creator of being with a character out of wishful thinking...:shrug: If anything, I'm just in the middle.

20) OCxOC Parings - Same as above yet OC's don't really interest me as much...^^;

21) Pokemon pairings - I don't really dislike them as ppl like to assume, I just troll them for fun.XD In fact, I see all pairings as friendshippings esp. in the anime.:B I don't think each PokeGirl that interacted with Ash sees him as more than a friend (May sees Ash as her mentor while with Dawn he's like a brother to her) unless you're Serena who will accept that Ash doesn't like her back.:/ According to Takeshi Shudo's journal, he did said something about Misty who never saw Ash more than a friend or she probably did had a crush on him but accepted that he's happier w/ his Pokemon than with her and the whole crush thing was a female trait for Misty just to make her appealing.:P Then there's how romance tends to be very complicated for the show so hence the lack of hormones going for Ash which I'm fine with since he doesn't need a girlfriend imo...>_>;;; Not all of romance are absent, since I can accept that OrangeShipping seems to be an item, ContestShipping and PenguinShipping is as well. I don't think WishfulShipping is canon nor has it been, no offense guys but I see Iris and Dento as a bickering younger sister with an eccentric older brother.^^; As for the Pokemon pairings, it's always one-sided and it usually plays for laughs throughout the series so that can be fun but overplayed.^^;

22):iconponyswagplz: x :iconvinylscratchplz:
One of a few adorable crack pairings that I like.:3

Ships I dislike yet I respect one's opinions~ :icontwinoplz:

Reason: I'm not a fan of high school/teenage romance so this is no exception. Flash Sentry is flat character and has every cliches that makes him so...flat and I don't see why ppl would want to pair him with Twilight unless "oh yay it's canon" or "Yay, another same-sex Twilight ships had been sunk " or "Yay, he stole your waifu, deal with it!"...but that depends on whatever reason.^^; Other than that, I just personally don't like how they hook up or at least potentially hooking up knowing that Twi knows the pony Flash.:roll: As I'm aware that Flash made two appearances outside of the movie, yet I'm hoping he doesn't interact w/ Twi.;( Then again, it can be either way for him from being a minor character and being regarded as just a one-dimensional love interest or at least become a secondary supporting character.:/

Reason: This pairing is pretty disturbing when put in a romantic position, no offense!:disbelief: Spike never does see Twilight as more than an older sister/motherly figure nor Twilight sees Spike like that, it'll seem all awkward and despite me not being the biggest Spike fan, I like him when he's a voice of reason/supportive for Twilight whenever she couldn't have that role. Other than that I like their chemistry as a older sister/younger brother dynamics which i always seen them as.

Reason: Another pairing I dislike, I really can't see Fluttershy and Discord as a couple since they just became friends and still friends until then.:/ I don't like how ppl are jumping the gun over their so-called relationship in the show.>.> Sorry guys, I'm just saying.:P

Reason: Not only do I find it overrated but I'm not a fan of any ships regarding childhood friends being lovers, it's overused and not every childhood had to like the other romantically. Really I just think Dash and Flutters have a close sisterly bond, nuff said...^^;

Reason: I know Soarin can have all the pies if he hung out w/ Applejack yet I truly don't see this pairing since it'll feel shallow for Soarin of why would he had a drama llama moment over a pie about to fall if he can have another one?:hmm: Also he seems more appreciative of Dash of saving his pie so I think SoarinDash has the upper hand than SoarinJack, that's just me.XP

Reason: lol nuff said, the whole gay cowboy thing is getting old.xDDD

Reason: Yeeaaaaaaah no....^^; I know they had trouble making friends at first but that's one that they have in common yet i wouldn't mind if Twilight at least interacted with Luna.

Reason: Celestia seems more of a motherly figure but I don't mind the one-sideness from Twilight knowing how a big deal the Princess is to her fro funny reasons.

Reason: I just think of them as gal pals so yeah, I feel awkward w/ this pairing.^^;

10) Canon Characters with gender counterparts (AKA :iconrainbowblitzplz: x :icondashshrugplz:) - Not always pairings with Rule 63, I don't like that just b/c one character is exact same with the other but of a different gender just makes things creepy...XP Kinda like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse but more of Powerpuff Girls x Rowdyruff Boys with BlossomxBrick, BubblesxBoomer and ButtercupxButch, then there's the chipmunks and Chipettes but i don't like the chimpmunks and I know my friend has a funny way of describing it!:rofl: As for latter with 63 pairings with canon genders, I don't like those either....Rainbow Blitz and Rainbow Dash looks bad together so is Butterscotch and Fluttershy...>___>;;; I don't mind mixing them to make more sense like Applejack with Rainbow Blitz, Dusk Shine with Pinkie Pie/Applejack/Fluttershy, AJ (Male) being with Rainbow Dash.:shrug:

11) :iconmorefacehoofplz::iconbrokenheartplz::iconsonicfacepalmplz: and other Sonic characters x MLP
Reason: First off, yes I'm aware that both characters are speed-orientated and any other similarities but that's how far it goes. If these two would ever meet then I betcha they'll be friendly rivals, nothing more!:P I also think nobody's better than the other since yeah, I've alot of videos of Dash/Sonic of whose better than who...I really don't care on which excels more in speed but I admit that Super Rainbow Dash would never existed if it weren't for crossovers w/ Sonic. Actually now that I saw the cringing side of the internet, MarioDash is much more worse.>___>;;;;; What a way to kill my childhood.-____-

12) Yaoi ships - Come at me, yaoi fangirls!:icongetsomeplz: My only reason is that I don't really see any male character esp. Ash to be with a male.^^; doesn't make sense and yes, yuri pairings are like that too but there are exceptions.:shrug:

First things first, I'm not much of a fan of Trenderhoof, not much of a fan on his design nor his personality.XP Even though it was one-sided, Trenderhoof was kind of a jerk but at least Rarity made a very ironic point concerning her and Spike.:P

Yeaaaaaaaaaah, no.:I I feel like Applejack on the times I got asked out...O___o;;;;

15) :iconsweetiebellewtfplz::iconbrokenheartplz::iconscootaloowtfplz:


Yes I'm a ship addict~:iconregrettingnothingplz:

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